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As a partner in two prominent Atlanta defense firms from 1973 to 1991, Mr. Pierce defended manufacturers of products, doctors and hospitals as well as litigating general liability cases and business disputes. During these years as a defense attorney, he tried over 120 cases and had multiple cases decided by the Georgia appellate courts and United States Circuit Courts.

In 1991, Mr. Pierce took those years of experience and success and began to devote his considerable experience and energies working on the behalf of individuals harmed by doctors, products, automobiles, nursing homes negligence, and other tortious acts. In the business litigation arena he has turned his focus to the representation of small businesses in business dispute resolution. Since his decision in 1991 to change focus, Mr. Pierce has added to his impressive track record of successful litigation - a track record that includes numerous million dollar judgments and settlements in personal injury cases as well as resolving thousands of business disputes.

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Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Personal Injury

Auto Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Trucking Accidents
Product Liability
Dangerous Products
Nursing Home Negligence
Elder Abuse

Wrongful Death
Landlord Negligence
Medical Malpractice
Drug Reactions
Slip and Fall Accidents
Premises Liability

Atlanta Business Lawyer Business Litigation

Wrongful Termination
Employment Contract
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Non-Compete Agreements
Severance Agreements
Fiduciary Fraud
Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Unfair Competition
Tortious Interference
Misappropriation of Funds
Officer and Director Wrongdoing
Employee Wrongdoing

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